Letters From The Ledge is now on Wattpad!


I’ve decided to post Letters From The Ledge on Wattpad​ for free – one new chapter every Friday so if you haven’t read it yet but have been wanting to, check it out! The first four chapters are already up! Wattpad is a site where readers and read and writers can post content – all for free! It has 65 MILLION users globally, so chances are you know someone who’s using it!

I’ll also be posting bonus content like letters and journal entries that were in the original manuscript but never made it into the final published book! Comments and suggestions for the extras you want to see are totally encouraged! I have tons of extras!!

Check out my profile on Wattpad!  I love talking to readers, so if you like it, please let me know in the comments! …

Can’t wait to read the rest? Get your digital copy for just $5 here on the website – simply click on the Books link on the menu bar.


Happy New Year’s Reading Friends!


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