Letters From The Ledge – The Unpublished Entries


This journal entry never made it into the finished manuscript for Letters From The Ledge:

“There he is again – right on schedule. It must be a ritual or something. I don’t think he can see me, even with the glow of my light-up pen on the page. It’s strange to wonder what he must be thinking about up there… I mean, we see the same stars, right? Maybe not. Maybe my blue is his green?

Because we see the sky at slightly different angles, maybe we have completely different pictures of what it looks like. Maybe his picture is just different enough from mine to make him want to jump. Or maybe we’re looking for the same things – he’s just a little more willing to risk the edge.

I sit here on my windowsill with two thirds of my body tucked very safely inside. His toes are hanging off the edge of a balcony. Of course, I don’t have a balcony. I only have a window. But if I did, would I even risk my toes?”

Excerpt from Letters From The Ledge – The Unpublished Entries

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