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The Soundtrack of Our Lives


A sign that used to hang in my studio said “Music is what feelings sound like” and for a lot of us, this is true. It has a way of sneaking inside our lives and defining the curves of our emotional landscape. Music is tied to emotion and connected to memories. You can thank dopamine for this – the same chemical transmitter in our bodies that makes sex feel great and riding a motorcycle an...

Issue #3 Modern Moto Magazine


I write for a women’s motorcycling magazine called Modern Moto. It’s a great resource for all things women and motorcycling. Gear, clothing, and inspiration to take you to your next destination, whether it’s on the bike or just in life! This issue features an article I wrote about finding your passion and creating your own internal revolution. Check it out at 

Modern Moto Magazine


This is the magazine I write for: It’s a fantastic new gear / fashion mag specifically aimed at women riders. I write some product reviews, but mostly inspirational stories about life as a woman and a motorcyclist. I’m really proud to be part of such an amazing team of women writers and riders with a passion for riding yet a desire for safe, well- fitting and functional gear and...

Modern Moto Magazine Official Launch!


  Hey there beautiful people! It’s March 1st, and that means the premier issue of Modern Moto Magazine has finally launched! I’m super excited to be writing for this brand new motorcycling magazine aimed specifically at women riders – helping to empower them to ride safely and also to find great looking gear that actually fits and is made for women! This magazine was the...

What the heck is a YURT? a.k.a. Motorcycle camping for the wet and wild :)


Yurt camping is kind of the best of both worlds – you get the experience of camping but with several of the comforts of home – like the ability to stay warm, and dry which – in the Pacific Northwest – is not always easy to do. It also gives you a bed off the ground and all you need is your sleeping bag – no pad, no tent, no worries! This trip was kind of a spur of...

Gear Reviews Part 2: More camping gear and helpful electronics


If you’re just tuning in and you want to find Gear Reviews Part 1 (tent, sleeping bag, pad, etc) please click here.   Ok moving on to some of the smaller gear type items: Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit: I wanted to be as self sufficient as possible while traveling, and tent campsites don’t usually have power, so charging my electronics is tricky on the road. I have...

Some Thoughts On Gear: Reviews from a relative newbie (Part 1):


Ok so starting with my camping gear: Mountain Hardwear Shifter 2: Absolutely loved this tent. I was astounded at how fast and easy it was to set up. It has a rigid but adjustable back vestibule that can be used to stow gear. It comes with its own ground sheet, fully taped seams, and the air flow was so perfect within this tent that even though I was camped at the ocean, there was not drop of...

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History…


    I think the thing I hear most often when I’m traveling by motorcycle is: You’re riding alone? Most of the time the answer is yes. This time I shared the first day’s ride and then camped with a friend. It was only a 2 day adventure but I covered 433 miles with plenty of stories and a bunch of gear to review because of it!   Setting out from Portland I went...

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