Steel Journeys Origins: Part 3


This the third installment in the Steel Journeys Origins series. If you’ve just arrived at this story and aren’t caught up yet, go read Part 1 and then Part 2 first!!  Steel Journeys Origins, Part 3: Dr. O’Reilly got up from his desk and came over to her once again. “Where do I sign for the autopsy?” She asked. “Are you sure you want to do this now? It can wait if necessary.” Abby...

Steel Journeys Origins: Part 2


**This is an ongoing, free prequel to the book Steel Journeys: The Road to Patagonia available digitally or in Paperback** Haven’t read part 1 of the prequel yet? Go here first!  Steel Journeys Origins: Part 2 The doctor gave them a little time to process the initial shock and then asked if he could answer any questions for them. Lauren couldn’t speak. “Why did they hit the tree?” Abby...

Steel Journeys Origins: Part 1


In light of the recent health crisis and the plethora of people looking for a little distraction from life as we now know it, I’ve decided to do my part to entertain the masses a bit by publishing my rough draft musings of a Steel Journeys prequel I’ve been working on! I will try to publish a new bit every few days, depending on my work schedule, but please know that as a nurse...

Biker Momma Interview


Honored to have been interviewed by Toby Miles at Ride Like A Girl Designs for her Biker Momma Vlog Series. This was my first video interview so I was a little nervous, but if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to just sit down and have a chat with me in my living room, this is basically it! We talk about how I started riding, riding with my kids, being a nurse who rides, and lots of...

Sometimes You Need More Cowbell


Ah, camping. The great equalizer.  This is my happy place. Well, not standing in that specific spot with a beer in my hand the entire time, although one of those things might still be true… Upside: Peace, quiet, communing with nature, hiking, clear rushing creeks and towering trees. Oh, and absolutely no cell service. Places where you can’t even hum a few bars. When I’m camping...

Adventures in Nepal – Motorcycle Style


**Warning: This post contains references to poop and motorcycles! If either of these things make you nauseous, turn back now!** After eight days in country in Nepal, I flew to a small city northwest of Kathmandu. The beautiful city of Pokhara finally gave me a glimpse of the front range of the Himalayas, which had hidden themselves under smog the whole time I was in Kathmandu Valley. My hotel...

The Soundtrack of Our Lives


A sign that used to hang in my studio said “Music is what feelings sound like” and for a lot of us, this is true. It has a way of sneaking inside our lives and defining the curves of our emotional landscape. Music is tied to emotion and connected to memories. You can thank dopamine for this – the same chemical transmitter in our bodies that makes sex feel great and riding a motorcycle an...

Of Revolution and Reinvention


I spent a week in Mexico recently. The funny thing about being an American in a foreign country is that you come to feel, quite honestly, like you could lose yourself. If you could just dress like a local and speak the language, you could walk into town, disappear into the crowd, and no one would ever know. Unfortunately for me, being a pale shade of Northern European and making inevitable...

Life in the Friction Zone


Ah, the ‘friction zone’ – that illusive sweet spot between the clutch and the throttle, your left and your right hand, smack dab in the middle of stalling the bike and keeping it upright. Instructors call this “the friction zone” and it’s similar to learning to drive a car with a manual transmission, except the clutch, gas, and shift control are in different places. I know some of you have...

Remember Your First Time?


Remember the very first time you sat on a bike? You wrapped your knees around the tank and felt its girth, then grabbed onto the handlebars, lifted it off the kickstand and sensed its weight shifting underneath you. You started it up, then felt the sheer terror of its power rumbling through your bones and lighting your blood on fire. In the beginning it was all fits and stalls and a few big...

7 Essential Tips for Renting and Riding Abroad


  If you’ve come here looking for an extension of the January 2018 Modern Moto Magazine article you’ve come to the right place! I wanted to expand upon a few of my points to give readers a little context for why I gave the advice I did in the article. Disclaimer: If you’re reading this article and you don’t live in the US, some of these things won’t apply, such...

Issue #3 Modern Moto Magazine


I write for a women’s motorcycling magazine called Modern Moto. It’s a great resource for all things women and motorcycling. Gear, clothing, and inspiration to take you to your next destination, whether it’s on the bike or just in life! This issue features an article I wrote about finding your passion and creating your own internal revolution. Check it out at 

Modern Moto Magazine


This is the magazine I write for: It’s a fantastic new gear / fashion mag specifically aimed at women riders. I write some product reviews, but mostly inspirational stories about life as a woman and a motorcyclist. I’m really proud to be part of such an amazing team of women writers and riders with a passion for riding yet a desire for safe, well- fitting and functional gear and...

The Timeline of Life’s Story


I’ve been journaling for as long as I can remember. Literally. As soon as I could spell I started keeping a diary. In the midst of a difficult childhood, it became the only way that I could safely process my thoughts and feelings. As time went on and life got more complicated I still turned to this almost daily habit whenever life got overwhelming, but as a busy young mother, my entries...

Modern Moto Magazine Official Launch!


  Hey there beautiful people! It’s March 1st, and that means the premier issue of Modern Moto Magazine has finally launched! I’m super excited to be writing for this brand new motorcycling magazine aimed specifically at women riders – helping to empower them to ride safely and also to find great looking gear that actually fits and is made for women! This magazine was the...

Change Is The Ride


image source I remember buying my first bike. It was only about a week after my endorsement class, and one of my instructors had said something to me, tongue in cheek, that I’ll never forget. “When you go to buy a bike,” he said “remember this: When you turn it on, it should turn you on right back.” I’m pretty sure I laughed out loud at that one. As a newbie...

The Far Side of the Mountain


  Standing naked in my kitchen one day, making some salmon fillets and a microwave baked potato, I was forced to think about my life and my choices. Ok ok. It had nothing to do with the salmon. Or the baked potato. Most people have something they don’t like about themselves. Mine is an apparent inability to figure out what I want out of life. Ok that’s not entirely true. I know...

Taking it apart is easy. Getting it back together is the real challenge.


Today was a relatively great day. I overhauled my little Honda Rebel and did a bunch of cool stuff like draining the oil and the gas, removing the gas tank, taking the carburetor apart and cleaning it, and figuring out the air filter was ridiculously dirty. It was a complex process. I set everything out on a table, tried to put all the screws next to the pieces I’d taken off, took pictures...

I’m afraid…not. (Confronting the fear of being a woman and traveling alone on a motorcycle)


Some people call me fearless because I ride my motorcycle and camp solo, but the truth is, this shit scares the hell out of me.  Don’t get me wrong, Belle and I make a pretty good team (“Belle” is my Harley – I named her that because she’s Beauty And The Beast) but I’m still solo a lot of the time. It isn’t that I’m against riding with other people, but a lot of the time I just crave...

What the heck is a YURT? a.k.a. Motorcycle camping for the wet and wild :)


Yurt camping is kind of the best of both worlds – you get the experience of camping but with several of the comforts of home – like the ability to stay warm, and dry which – in the Pacific Northwest – is not always easy to do. It also gives you a bed off the ground and all you need is your sleeping bag – no pad, no tent, no worries! This trip was kind of a spur of...

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