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Don’t Pass the Peas, Please!


I was picking peas the other day, which, as it turns out, requires a surprising amount of focus. It’s not nearly as easy as picking strawberries. With a strawberry, sure, you may have to lift a few leaves, but the plump red goodness stands out easily against a backdrop of glossy, dark green. Peas are both fortunately and unfortunately the exact same color as the stalks and leaves they grow...

What My Bullet Journal CAN’T do For Me


This January I renewed my commitment to bullet journaling after reading Ryder Carroll’s definitive book on the subject. Being that it was written by the creator of the bullet journal, it helped me to unpack the reasons behind some of the many colorful images I’d seen online. It also made more sense from an organizational standpoint than anything I’d read to date. I hoped to learn more about...

The Dangers of Digital Overwhelm – Are We Changing Our Evolutionary Reactions?


I finally finished redecorating my office the other day. It felt somehow more “important” than the normal satisfaction I would have gained from finishing a project. In fact, hanging this particular series of paintings felt like a crucial addition, taking it from a mostly utilitarian workspace to a place where I can dream and enjoy color and put together new creative ideas that are currently...

I Make My Own


I never knew how easy and delicious it was to make your own almond milk. So much cheaper than in the stores and I control the amount of sugar. It’s literally 1 cup of raw almonds soaked overnight and then 4 cups of filtered water, blended on high in the Vitamix for 1 minute and then squeezed through a cotton bag (I bought mine on Amazon just look up “almond milk bag”). Then I stick the pulp in...

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