This Time, With Feeling (or…that’s the time, I feel like making love…) Day 4



I realized something very interesting on Day 4 of this challenge. The dig deeper question asked us to list 5 things other than writing that make us feel truly alive. My children were number one on my list, as they have been all their lives, but the other four things on my list were all “sense-usal”. In other words, things that engage my senses, that evoke feeling. Things like yoga, music, dancing…

Then these words came to my mind:

Safe. Held. Elsewhere. Loved. Connected.

The actual prompt asked us to write a story with the premise that the world is ending in 24 hours and what would we want to do with that time?

Again my children were number one on my list. If I could do anything, be with anyone on this planet, these are the four people that I want in my boat as we sail off into the unknown.

But beyond that, or if I couldn’t be with them, I would want to…well, make love.

And when I say that of course I don’t mean your basic sexual encounter where two people get together and just…git ‘er done.

I’m talking about the quintessential coming together of two beings so connected by mind, body and spirit that the act transcends the physical and pushes into another realm, where time loses meaning and reality drops off as the slow, intertwined free fall becomes its own entity, its own purpose. Complete integration. Total connection.

Interestingly enough, this singular act incorporates all of your senses. It is, in its purest form, a bit like yoga, a kind of dance between two bodies, with a music all its own. A complex art form, unique to each experience within itself.

This kind of connection, this level of intimacy is exceedingly rare. The depth of connection necessary to truly and fully open yourself to another human is both astounding and terrifying. But without a doubt, it is within this rare and authentic beauty I would want to lose myself during those last precious hours of my human experience.

And I realized suddenly and with some amusement, that the five simple words that had come to my heart still applied. They still describe the way I would want to spend my last 24 hours on this earth.

Safe. Held. Elsewhere. Loved. Connected. 

How would you spend yours?

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