Tales of the Deep – New Writing!


Interested in reading a little new writing? I’ve got a brand new 5 book fantasy series in the works called Tales of the Deep, and I’m posting it in serial installments on Wattpad – check it out and let me know what you think!

Here’s the link, and the description follows:




Ryden is a Dream Catcher – it started when she turned 16. Waking up in the middle of strange dreams, meeting the faceless man in the gray robes, and seeing the letter M burned into her palms. Aunt Alice has been her guardian since her parents were killed in a fire, but she can’t exactly tell Alice what’s been going on.

Jed just returned to the small town he was born in. Jed is a Warrior, like his father, but it’s complicated. When Jed’s father is kidnapped, a plot is uncovered that threatens to destroy everything this small Massachusetts town holds dear. Jed and Ryden must lead a band of Dream Catchers, Warriors and other Keepers across the realms in an attempt to restore balance. But time travel is tricky, and shape-shifting creatures that move across time are even trickier. Join them in this epic tale and the battle for balance.


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