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Steel Journeys Origins: Part 3


This the third installment in the Steel Journeys Origins series. If you’ve just arrived at this story and aren’t caught up yet, go read Part 1 and then Part 2 first!!  Steel Journeys Origins, Part 3: Dr. O’Reilly got up from his desk and came over to her once again. “Where do I sign for the autopsy?” She asked. “Are you sure you want to do this now? It can wait if necessary.” Abby...

Steel Journeys Origins: Part 1


In light of the recent health crisis and the plethora of people looking for a little distraction from life as we now know it, I’ve decided to do my part to entertain the masses a bit by publishing my rough draft musings of a Steel Journeys prequel I’ve been working on! I will try to publish a new bit every few days, depending on my work schedule, but please know that as a nurse...

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