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What the heck is a YURT? a.k.a. Motorcycle camping for the wet and wild :)


Yurt camping is kind of the best of both worlds – you get the experience of camping but with several of the comforts of home – like the ability to stay warm, and dry which – in the Pacific Northwest – is not always easy to do. It also gives you a bed off the ground and all you need is your sleeping bag – no pad, no tent, no worries! This trip was kind of a spur of...

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History…


    I think the thing I hear most often when I’m traveling by motorcycle is: You’re riding alone? Most of the time the answer is yes. This time I shared the first day’s ride and then camped with a friend. It was only a 2 day adventure but I covered 433 miles with plenty of stories and a bunch of gear to review because of it!   Setting out from Portland I went...

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