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Steel Journeys Origins: Part 3


This the third installment in the Steel Journeys Origins series. If you’ve just arrived at this story and aren’t caught up yet, go read Part 1 and then Part 2 first!!  Steel Journeys Origins, Part 3: Dr. O’Reilly got up from his desk and came over to her once again. “Where do I sign for the autopsy?” She asked. “Are you sure you want to do this now? It can wait if necessary.” Abby...

Steel Journeys Origins: Part 2


**This is an ongoing, free prequel to the book Steel Journeys: The Road to Patagonia available digitally or in Paperback** Haven’t read part 1 of the prequel yet? Go here first!  Steel Journeys Origins: Part 2 The doctor gave them a little time to process the initial shock and then asked if he could answer any questions for them. Lauren couldn’t speak. “Why did they hit the tree?” Abby...

Steel Journeys Origins: Part 1


In light of the recent health crisis and the plethora of people looking for a little distraction from life as we now know it, I’ve decided to do my part to entertain the masses a bit by publishing my rough draft musings of a Steel Journeys prequel I’ve been working on! I will try to publish a new bit every few days, depending on my work schedule, but please know that as a nurse...

Tales of the Deep – New Writing!


Interested in reading a little new writing? I’ve got a brand new 5 book fantasy series in the works called Tales of the Deep, and I’m posting it in serial installments on Wattpad – check it out and let me know what you think! Here’s the link, and the description follows:     Ryden is a Dream Catcher – it started when she turned 16. Waking up in the middle of strange dreams...

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