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The Soundtrack of Our Lives


A sign that used to hang in my studio said “Music is what feelings sound like” and for a lot of us, this is true. It has a way of sneaking inside our lives and defining the curves of our emotional landscape. Music is tied to emotion and connected to memories. You can thank dopamine for this – the same chemical transmitter in our bodies that makes sex feel great and riding a motorcycle an...

Some Thoughts On Gear: Reviews from a relative newbie (Part 1):


Ok so starting with my camping gear: Mountain Hardwear Shifter 2: Absolutely loved this tent. I was astounded at how fast and easy it was to set up. It has a rigid but adjustable back vestibule that can be used to stow gear. It comes with its own ground sheet, fully taped seams, and the air flow was so perfect within this tent that even though I was camped at the ocean, there was not drop of...

The Time Has Come. The adventure begins.


Tomorrow I will load out my bike with all the camping gear I have slowly amassed over the past year. I will undoubtedly overpack, then set out on an overnight “dry run” with my friend Shannon. The two of us are planning a 10 day bike trip later this summer that will take us through Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alberta (Canada) then back through Montana and Idaho before...

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