Taking it apart is easy. Getting it back together is the real challenge.

Today was a relatively great day. I overhauled my little Honda Rebel and did a bunch of cool stuff like draining the oil and the gas, removing the gas tank, taking the carburetor apart and cleaning it, and figuring out the air filter was ridiculously dirty. It was a complex process. I set everything out on a table, tried to put all the screws next to the pieces I’d taken off, took pictures on my

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Thoughts Along the Way – Changing Perspectives

I was walking along the beach on my last motorcycle trip, picking up rocks and shells and looking at the things the ocean had left behind. I picked up a particularly  beautiful light green stone that looked like it would be much more at home on a beach in the  Mediterranean than the Pacific Northwest, and I wondered how far it might have traveled through the seas. I wondered what its journey had been like.

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