New Release “Trulane” December 2017

Trulane, Book 2 in the Finding Home Series and sequel to the award-winning Finn Again has been released in digital only. Print versions will release for availability early in 2018.

The books can be read in either order, or as stand alones.







Finn Again Wins 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Fiction!

Finn Again Official Release!

The new book is out – you can read more about it on the books page, including a plot summary and links to buy in paperback or on Kindle.

The website for Letters From The Ledge is here.

The easiest way to purchase it is through Amazon but there are digital versions for Kindle, Nook, iBooks (which for some reason refuses to display the new cover but don’t get confused – it’s the same book!) as well as an Audio book  if you’re into listening instead of reading. The audio was produced by Jessica Lindsay at which is a really cool site/concept you should totally check out!

Book News / Schedule

January 20th, 2016 @ 6:30 PM

Location:  Brewed Vancouver, WA

Details:  Book Club / Speaking Engagement

Discussion Topic: Letters From The Ledge


  • Margaret Throop Reply

    Lynda, you were my nurse in ICU @ Emmanuel in August 2015. I have read both your books and haved loved them both! They have been added to my “keep” library. Have you written any more? I can’t wait. Thanks for being good at both of your jobs. Margaret Throop, Glenwood WA

  • John Stacy Worth Reply

    Ha! Found you. This is John Stacy Worth aka Crotalus. Used to comment when you posted at the Master’s Artist. So glad to see your books out there and winning awards! I’m gonna post on my Facebook page (Fiction Worth Reading) and then on my new website by the same name. Lynda (aka Madison) you rock!!!

    • Hallway11 Reply

      John! Great to hear from you!! Let’s reconnect!

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