Newly Released Editions for Truly and Finn


I’m so excited to be working with the amazing Jane Dixon-Smith to create new cover designs for my first three books! Aren’t they gorgeous?

I’ve released new editions of Truly and Finn’s stories as companion novels. I actually wrote Truly’s story first, but was so curious about Finn’s story that I wrote a book about him too! Chronologically Finn is the prequel to Truly’s story, but they can be read in either order or as stand alone novels.

Working on a new cover for Letters From The Ledge as well – will announce that as soon as it’s available!


I’ve retitled Trulane to “The Truth About Truly” with a new description that reads:

She was the girl of his dreams.

It was a chance meeting, but Finn knew her at a glance. The likeness was unmistakable. Even her smell was familiar.

The problem was, Truly wasn’t looking for love.

When Truly loved someone, it was a death sentence—and she wasn’t going to have that on her conscience. Not again. Love and death were partners in crime, and she couldn’t risk doing any more time.

Finn wasn’t willing to give up. He’d cheated death twice in Afghanistan. Three times if you count nearly drowning in whiskey and painkillers. He’d been through scores of women but had loved only once—until now.

His dreams didn’t lie: this girl was his destiny. He needed to woo her. He needed to win her heart—if he could just manage to stay alive.

She wasn’t looking for a knight in shining armor.
He wasn’t looking for a beauty to rescue.
But one fateful night changed all that. For both of them.

Finn Again keeps the title and description:

Finn McCarthy is half Irish, half English, and fully fantastic.

Raised in the pubs and educated at Oxford, he never did know which half to favor. His Irish half loves women and booze, while his English half is wicked smart and damned polite. And then there’s Regan, the one girl who never did succumb to his charms.

When a world at war beckons, Finn answers the call, but there are some casualties even a soldier can’t prepare for. To heal his wounds he must banish his demons, a journey that leads him to a sleepy fishing village where the mysteries of his Celtic roots take hold. He begins to accept his past, only to discover that his greatest battle might take everything he’s got left.

War…Does things to a man. But Finn isn’t just any man.

Both books are available as digitally or in paperback form. Have a look!

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