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Hey all!

I’m so very excited to announce the official launch of Finn Again!!!  This book has been a long time in the waiting, but it’s finally here!! It’s currently available in paperback and on Kindle. If you haven’t read it I hope you’ll give it a try. If you have, please feel free to add your comments, questions or reviews to the mix!


Here’s what the book is about!

Finn McCarthy is half Irish, half English, and fully fantastic. Raised in the pubs and educated at Oxford, he never did know which half to favor. His Irish half loves women and booze, while his English half is wicked smart and damned polite. And then there’s Regan, the one girl who never did succumb to his charms.

When a world at war beckons, Finn answers the call, but there are some casualties even a soldier can’t prepare for. To heal his wounds he must banish his demons, a journey that leads him to a sleepy fishing village, where the mysteries of his Celtic roots begin to take hold. The battle for balance might just take everything he’s got left.

War does things to a man. But Finn isn’t just any man.


Here’s what a few of the reviewers have said so far: 

“Well written. Throughly absorbing. Thought provoking. Magical. Physical. Emotional. Finn Again touched all the right places.”  

–  Darcy, Amazon reviewer

“I just finished reading Finn Again. Such a good story. Gripped me from the beginning. I loved Finn’s emotional, spiritual and physical journey with lots of twists along the way. I didn’t want his story to end. A great read!” 

–  Dawn, Amazon reviewer

“I loved Finn Again! Such an engaging, gripping story. I loved walking with Finn as he figures out life, love, and who he is beneath the armor. I didn’t (don’t?!) want his story to end…!”

–  Danielle, Amazon reviewer



About the author

Lynda Meyers

Lynda Meyers is the award-winning author of Letters From The Ledge and Finn Again

By Lynda Meyers

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