This is Belle. She’s a 2013 Harley Super Glide Custom and also my trusty steed. We’ve been on all sorts of adventures together.

I’m not your typical biker chick, if there even is such a thing.

I’m an author, a Cardiac Nurse, a mom to four kids, a Reiki Master, a Certified Yoga Instructor, a lover of organic and vegan food, and I recently became a grandmother. I also do other strange things like sew and paint and make my own almond milk. Then again, I’m into tattoos and the cycles of the moon and trees and earth energy and crystals and I blend my own essential oils…But you didn’t click on this page to get a list of my idiosyncrasies. You’re probably here because you too like motorcycles. In THIS we are the same 🙂

I ride this sweet Harley Super Glide Custom and I really like to work on my own bike. Ok, “work on it” might be a stretch. I do all my own routine maintenance, oil and fluid changes and the like, and have installed most of my own aftermarket accessories. If anything breaks big, I still take it to the mechanic, but I do like wrenching. I also like figuring out uncommon solutions to problems, which is how I also got the nickname “Mac” (which is short for MacGuyver).

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