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I haven’t fully relaxed in so long, I forgot how it felt. This house—and being out away from the city—is such a blessing. I feel grounded and connected to the earth as I’ve never felt before. Perhaps it’s being up high, with a bird’s eye view of the clouds as they move across the valley, how the sun kisses the ridge line and the mist hangs in the tree tops.

The view changes every time I look up. One minute the ridge line is in view, the next all I see is gray as I feel as if I’m trapped in the middle of a cloud.

I’m not gonna lie. That kind of thing used to stress me out. I used to be very afraid of feeling closed in. But I’ve come a long way. Now it feels insulating. Hidden. Safe, somehow.

Living up in the hills like this, the sense of constant urgency is gone. It’s been replaced by a pervasive peace—and the understanding that everything will happen in its proper time. No need to hurry life along, it goes by too fast as it is!

Perspective is everything, and for a while there, I had lost mine to the tyranny of the urgent. Happy to say I have it back—or at least, the knowledge of it. And maybe that’s enough.

Maybe it’s enough to have an awareness of your faults; the ability to at least see the well-worn ruts that cause you to fall down again and again. Because that’s growth. It begins with awareness. Awareness breeds a desire to change. Change brings a fresh perspective, and new perspectives stretch us into new skin.

This season is about settling in and going underground-letting go and letting the seed of our soul rest and go dormant for a while. I look forward to the springtime, but I’m also trying to cherish this time of being quiet. Even with the holidays approaching my desire is for balance and a peaceful approach to the new year.

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