Steel Journeys

Finally! A motorcycle novel with a woman at the controls!

Lynda Meyers has done it again! She has captured both my imagination and sense of adventure with her latest novel - Steel Journeys, The Road to Patagonia.
Lynda’s writing style has always been one of my favorites. She has a unique way of bringing a story to life. This fascinating tale about Abby Steele is simply a joy to read. Abby is easy to relate to in today’s modern world. She is tough and independent, yet conflicted by memories and feelings for her first love, Trevor. She is definitely not your average “biker chick”.
Steel Journeys is far from predicable like many dime store novels. The story twists and turns through Abby’s life in California to her adventures in Patagonia. In this story, Lynda opens up new avenues for adventure and story telling.
“Captures the heart of an adventurous and independent woman with a thirst for travel and new experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed this relatable read!” 

A fun, yet thoughtful escape into the life of Abby Steel. The story manages to inspire through a lens of palatable realistic fiction that will make the reader want the next volume, as well as a taste of adventure in their own life!