Letters From The Ledge

Three buildings. One city block. Three stories. One common thread.

“For me, it was an exquisitely written tale of dealing with pain, family, and life. I'd give this book to every teenager, no matter where they are living. But for those of us who look at the world and wonder why some of us don't make better choices, this was so fascinating. Just be prepared to stay awake because you may not be able to put it down...“
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A word from the author

Lynda Meyers is an award-winning fiction author and blogger, whose deep, authentic yet relatable style connects readers back to themselves. Born and raised in New York, Lynda has lived on both coasts as well as in Europe, and now lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest.

Letters From The Ledge is the Winner of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Young Adult. It was named runner up at the Hollywood Book Festival and received an honorable mention at the New York Book Festival.

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