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Lynda Meyers is the award-winning author of Letters From The Ledge and Finn Again

Steel Journeys – Coming Soon!


Finally! A motorcycle novel with a woman at the controls! Book 1 in the Steel Journeys series is finished and Book 2 is right on it’s heels! Here’s a bit about the series: To some people home might be wherever you lay your helmet, but for Abby Steel, home was wherever she laid her ass. Today it’s a Harley. Tomorrow it might be a BMW or a Triumph or a Honda. Home was whatever bike fit...

I Make My Own


I never knew how easy and delicious it was to make your own almond milk. So much cheaper than in the stores and I control the amount of sugar. It’s literally 1 cup of raw almonds soaked overnight and then 4 cups of filtered water, blended on high in the Vitamix for 1 minute and then squeezed through a cotton bag (I bought mine on Amazon just look up “almond milk bag”). Then I stick the pulp in...

New Year, New Goals


Some places are sacred. Forests are one of them.
There are certain places we go where the ground feels somehow sacred. The space feels deep and the air is tinged with heaviness. That’s how I feel when I enter the forest, when I walk amongst the moss-covered giants that line the forest floor.

The Soundtrack of Our Lives


A sign that used to hang in my studio said “Music is what feelings sound like” and for a lot of us, this is true. It has a way of sneaking inside our lives and defining the curves of our emotional landscape. Music is tied to emotion and connected to memories. You can thank dopamine for this – the same chemical transmitter in our bodies that makes sex feel great and riding a motorcycle an...

Of Revolution and Reinvention


I spent a week in Mexico recently. The funny thing about being an American in a foreign country is that you come to feel, quite honestly, like you could lose yourself. If you could just dress like a local and speak the language, you could walk into town, disappear into the crowd, and no one would ever know. Unfortunately for me, being a pale shade of Northern European and making inevitable...

Life in the Friction Zone


Ah, the ‘friction zone’ – that illusive sweet spot between the clutch and the throttle, your left and your right hand, smack dab in the middle of stalling the bike and keeping it upright. Instructors call this “the friction zone” and it’s similar to learning to drive a car with a manual transmission, except the clutch, gas, and shift control are in different places. I know some of you have...

Remember Your First Time?


Remember the very first time you sat on a bike? You wrapped your knees around the tank and felt its girth, then grabbed onto the handlebars, lifted it off the kickstand and sensed its weight shifting underneath you. You started it up, then felt the sheer terror of its power rumbling through your bones and lighting your blood on fire. In the beginning it was all fits and stalls and a few big...

What If? (Thoughts on an Interconnected Life)


What if… Freedom meant truth. Truth meant contentment. Contentment allowed sleep. Sleep meant rest. Rest meant communion. Communion meant intimacy. Intimacy meant peace. Peace meant balance. Balance meant growth. Growth meant life. Life meant light. Light meant everything… What if…?   – Lynda Meyers, 2011   This is is a series of thoughts I wrote back in 2011...

My Brand Is Human


I keep thinking back over my years of blogging, trying to recapture some of the vigor with which I used to send my words out into the digital stratosphere. Back in 2006, when I first started blogging, I never combed the internet looking for relevant tidbits to comment on or build a blog post around, I just lived life and tried to engage with my kids, and I blogged my way through, trying to...

Question of the Day: What’s The Best Thing About Being A Writer?


I think it was Flannery O’Connor who said: “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” I feel a lot the same way. I’ve journaled ever since I can remember, and whenever the world gets confusing or I don’t know how I’m feeling, that’s what I do. Early on, these were little more than letters to God as I understood them. As I understood *him*. Somehow, by the end...

It takes a village. And some hobbits. – Thoughts on being a grandma


This little slice of heaven was born last week. I’m not sure what I thought it would be like before it happened, but I sure have a few thoughts to share after the fact. Let me explain. I mean, on the one hand, being a grandma doesn’t actually feel a whole lot different than not being a grandma. Kind of like when you have a birthday. From one day to the next the number might change, but you...

7 Essential Tips for Renting and Riding Abroad


  If you’ve come here looking for an extension of the January 2018 Modern Moto Magazine article you’ve come to the right place! I wanted to expand upon a few of my points to give readers a little context for why I gave the advice I did in the article. Disclaimer: If you’re reading this article and you don’t live in the US, some of these things won’t apply, such...

New Release!


Digital copies of Trulane are available here for just $5.00  To purchase this book for  securely and directly in any digital format of your choice through Pay Pal, click the Buy Now link above         She wasn’t looking for a knight in shining armor. He wasn’t looking for a beauty to rescue. But one fateful night at a Yankees game changed all that. For both of them. “I met Finn the night the...

Lions and Tigers and… Again? Really?


I’m about to tell you a story that you may have heard before. In fact, you may have heard me tell a similar story just bear-ly a year ago.  No, that’s not a typo. Yes, I saw another bear. But I didn’t just see it –  it saw me too! Up close. Personal. Way more personal than I wanted to be, anyway. I know lots of people have seen bears. I just happen to have a particular...

Be Fearless


I haven’t been doing this lately. I tend to get lost on my journey.  The road twists and turns and I follow it without really looking sometimes. It’s hard to stay on the path, but the farther you stray more you realize how cold your heart has become,  and how much  you long for the warmth of the passion and the fire you once had. It’s not enough to say you want to do it. Life is...

Issue #3 Modern Moto Magazine


I write for a women’s motorcycling magazine called Modern Moto. It’s a great resource for all things women and motorcycling. Gear, clothing, and inspiration to take you to your next destination, whether it’s on the bike or just in life! This issue features an article I wrote about finding your passion and creating your own internal revolution. Check it out at 

Modern Moto Magazine


This is the magazine I write for: It’s a fantastic new gear / fashion mag specifically aimed at women riders. I write some product reviews, but mostly inspirational stories about life as a woman and a motorcyclist. I’m really proud to be part of such an amazing team of women writers and riders with a passion for riding yet a desire for safe, well- fitting and functional gear and...

Finn Wins! Next Generation Indie Book Award!


I always knew that Finn was special – now apparently the judges agree with me! So so excited to announce that Finn Again is 2017’s Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner for fiction! I am humbled and so thankful to all who have loved and supported the telling of Finn’s story. And as a bonus, we have a September 1st target 🎯 for the release of the next book in the series...

Walking The Labyrinth


“Life is the journey of coming home to ourselves.” ― Lisa Cypers Kamen A journey is that thing that takes you from one place to another. It doesn’t have to be an exotic destination either. A journey is a journey, whether it’s around the world or across the room. But even if your legs don’t work – even if your hands are too frail to turn the pages of a book, the...

What Does Your “Stuff” Say About You?


Everyone collects something, but not everything we keep is worth keeping. The ability to take an honest inventory of that which no longer serves us is healthy, and there’s something about purging (the “out with the old” part of  “in with the new”) that does good things for the soul. People come in all shapes and sizes, from hoarders to minimalists and everything in...

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