8 Simple Ways To Pull Off The “Perfect” Thanksgiving




Ah, the gift of imperfection. It’s a holiday favorite. Rushing around trying to be all things to all people, when really all you want is to be ok with not being enough.

Here’s the holiday we all WISH we could have:

  1. Where the only people who actually come to our house are people we really love being around. The kind of people that fill our tanks and makes us feel alive and thankful for the privilege of spending time with them. (RLJJZN)
  2. Where you literally only eat what you feel like eating, and if that means your plate contains nothing but stuffing, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, who gives a fuck?
  3. Where you drink all the apple juice or beer or wine or liquor you want, because you are only around people you really dig anyway and no one is going to judge you and you’re not going to fight with anyone because… (see #1)
  4. Where the game can be on the tv, muted with the subtitles on (or not) and Christmas music can still be playing over the top of it and no one gives a shit, because that’s how big people compromise.
  5. Where the dishes can stay on the table until the very last person throws in the towel. And it’s a symbol of a long luxurious bout of togetherness that happens far too infrequently. And it makes you happy to look at the carnage because it means you LIVED and LOVED.
  6. Where you only make a ham because no one actually LIKES turkey all that much anyway, and you save yourself countless hours of cleaning, basting, roasting, carving and figuring out how to make turkey everything for the next week because you feel guilty about not using up all the leftovers. (And in the time you would have been basting and roasting you get to listen to Christmas music playing over the top of the game on tv)
  7. Where you stay up until you’re damn good and ready to go to bed. Or you take a nap on the couch because you feel like it, or someone blows up the bathroom and everyone laughs about the god awful stank wafting out into the hallway but nobody really cares because everyone at your house is an actual human.
  8. Where you look forward to more holidays like these, because they are always your favorite times of the year, and you start to get a little picky about who you let into your perfect little imperfect world, because not everyone is down with the real kind of imperfection that makes life worthwhile.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Here’s hoping you have a terribly wonderful, amazingly imperfect and possibly turkey-less day.

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Lynda Meyers is the award-winning author of Letters From The Ledge and Finn Again

By Lynda Meyers

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