What If? (Thoughts on an Interconnected Life)

By Poetry, Writing

What if… Freedom meant truth. Truth meant contentment. Contentment allowed sleep. Sleep meant rest. Rest meant communion. Communion meant intimacy. Intimacy meant peace. Peace meant balance. Balance meant growth. Growth meant life. Life meant light. Light meant everything… What if…?   – Lynda Meyers, 2011   This is is a series of thoughts I wrote back in 2011. It’s interesting, looking back, reading back your own thoughts and trying to remember where you were at

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My Brand Is Human

By Writing

I keep thinking back over my years of blogging, trying to recapture some of the vigor with which I used to send my words out into the digital stratosphere. Back in 2006, when I first started blogging, I never combed the internet looking for relevant tidbits to comment on or build a blog post around, I just lived life and tried to engage with my kids, and I blogged my way through, trying to understand

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Question of the Day: What’s The Best Thing About Being A Writer?

I think it was Flannery O’Connor who said: “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” I feel a lot the same way. I’ve journaled ever since I can remember, and whenever the world gets confusing or I don’t know how I’m feeling, that’s what I do. Early on, these were little more than letters to God as I understood them. As I understood *him*. Somehow, by the

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Letters From The Ledge – The Unpublished Entries

This journal entry never made it into the finished manuscript for Letters From The Ledge: “There he is again – right on schedule. It must be a ritual or something. I don’t think he can see me, even with the glow of my light-up pen on the page. It’s strange to wonder what he must be thinking about up there… I mean, we see the same stars, right? Maybe not. Maybe my blue is his

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