What If? (Thoughts on an Interconnected Life)

By Poetry, Writing

What if… Freedom meant truth. Truth meant contentment. Contentment allowed sleep. Sleep meant rest. Rest meant communion. Communion meant intimacy. Intimacy meant peace. Peace meant balance. Balance meant growth. Growth meant life. Life meant light. Light meant everything… What if…?   – Lynda Meyers, 2011   This is is a

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To Love… (Day 9)

I always bragged about not Having addictive tendencies And it was true, …then i met you. And i was hooked on the way you breathed, It was like air never existed before. It was like adrenaline when you said my name. The thing about that is you keep seeking that

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To Be Found Beautiful

Yesterday was my “self-pampering day”. I have spent the last 2 weeks moving, cleaning, hauling stuff to the dump and goodwill, all in between working at three different jobs. So yesterday I gave the keys back on the old place and am finally only living in one place. My place.

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