The Back Side of Wisdom – New Short Story Release

I’ve written literally dozens of short stories over the years.

It used to confuse  me, because I mistakenly thought they were all just sad, unfinished beginnings to novels, but it turns out they’re far from it! As I went through and started to look at them with fresh eyes, I realized that many of these smaller gems were actually fully-formed short stories! I started sharing some of my ideas with test readers and the response has been overwhelmingly unanimous:

“You need to publish that!”

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. With three contemporary fiction novels, a five book paranormal time travel fantasy series in the works, a gig writing articles for a women’s motorcycling magazine, a 12 year blogging history, a poetry volume and a science fiction short in the works, I already write across multiple genres of fiction and non-fiction, so why not add a variety of short stories to the list?!

At any rate, I’m proud to announce the first of these, titled “The Back Side of Wisdom”, releasing May 1st, 2018. 

A Special Note:

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These stories will be released only in digital format. As always they’ll probably be a dollar cheaper here on the website than you can get them from the bigger online retailers. What can I say? I like to help people out and a dollar is a dollar, you know?

At some point I may put them all together into a print collection but for now I’m going to release them one at a time and see how the response is with readers, so please – let me know your thoughts! For now, here’s a taste of this first story:

“The Back Side of Wisdom” explores the lessons learned by a young, thirty year-old woman caring for her mother who has been diagnosed with brain cancer.


“Even when she couldn’t respond I knew she heard me. I could tell by the way her eyes moved and changed. It was subtle, but I’d been staring at her for so long I felt like I could almost read her mind.

Other times she was lucid, and I endured the gibberish just for a glimpse of the woman I’d always known.

Out of the blue she would toss quotes up to the surface like they were pieces of gold mined from deep within a dying cortex.

I wished I could weave them together into a sweater I could wear  as a reminder, something to keep me warm in the cold, dark days ahead.”

~ Excerpt from The Back Side of Wisdom, by Lynda Meyers

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