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The short story is called The Back Side of Wisdom.
This heartwarming short story explores the lessons learned when thirty-year-old Chelsea becomes a caregiver for her mother who has been diagnosed with brain cancer.
Here’s a snippet:

“Even when she couldn’t respond I knew she heard me. I could tell by the way her eyes moved and changed. It was subtle, but I’d been staring at her for so long I felt like I could almost read her mind.

Other times she was lucid, and I endured the gibberish just for a glimpse of the woman I’d always known.

Out of the blue she would toss quotes up to the surface like they were pieces of gold mined from deep within a dying cortex.

I wished I could weave them together into a sweater I could wear it as a reminder, something to keep me warm in the cold, dark days ahead.”

Excerpt from “The Back Side of Wisdom” by Lynda Meyers

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