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It’s been over a year since I connected with with amazing Katie Fox McKay and started writing for the then brand new launch of this women’s motorcycling magazine! I love the crew at Modern Moto and am thrilled to be attending the one year anniversary party at Doffo Winery in Temecula this weekend.

It’s been a crazy year filled with many challenges, but so much joy as we’ve watched this seed of an idea grow into something amazing for the exploding women’s motorcycling industry.

I’ve met and connected with so many incredible women over the past couple of years that I’ve decided to make my dream of writing a book about women motorcyclists a reality.

If you’re a woman who rides and you want to make your voice heard, won’t you take this quick ten question survey?

Click here to take the Badass Biker Babes survey

Have more to say?

I designed a second survey with questions like:

“Have you ever felt judgment from men or other women because of your decision to ride? How do you choose to deal with that?”

“What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you while riding? What did you learn from it?”

“Have you lost anyone you love because of a motorcycling accident?”

This second, 6 question survey is called:

The Whole Truth and Nothin But and it can be found by clicking here

Surveys not your thing but you really have something to say?

If you have stories to share I want to hear from you! Email your stories to:

Thanks ladies! And keep the rubber side down!

~ Lynda

P.S. I created a mailing list for those who submit stories, take the survey, or want to stay informed about the book and how it’s coming along.

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